Income Tax & Why You Must Pay


  Here I can break it down for you, not using Tax vocab­u­lary so your still con­fused after you have read the whole post and still don’t get it, or feel I wast­ed 5 min­utes of your life. I know a lot of peo­ple don’t get why they have to work so hard and have so much tak­en out , I hear it a lot. I also hear all the rea­son why we shouldn’t have to pay tax­es such as THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH OUR MONEY. I can only say in my opin­ion that’s fair to say. I  yes I, have been dri­ving this high­way 12 every week­end to go pick up my kids, and ill say two years lat­er am I see­ing THE ROAD (because that is what the mon­ey is spent on ) hav­ing a slight change to it not fixed, just a slight change to it. Peo­ple don’t see where the mon­ey has went or is going there­fore we are con­fused. Well back to why you have to pay before I get off top­ic.
     The Unit­ed States have a job to do and that’s to pay for School, Roads, Mil­i­tary, Hos­pi­tals those Nation­al parks that are almost non-exis­tent BEAUTIFUL as ever. In order for the Unit­ed States to pay for those things the gov­ern­ment has to have us the peo­ple, as well as com­pa­nies give them a per­cent­age of the income that they receive. Its like the invis­i­ble agree­ment you made with some­one when you turned of age and start­ed work­ing.
  Due to it being a per­cent­age of your income that is tak­en out, that’s why peo­ple with a high­er income has more tak­en out and prob­a­bly com­plain a lit­tle more then the peo­ple with less income. THE PERCENTAGE OF YOUR INCOME YOU GIVE TO THE GOVERNMENT IS CALLED INCOME TAX. Which is used to buy the things we need.
   When we don’t need a lot or a lot of that mon­ey wasn’t spent we get more tax breaks or cuts. Vice ver­sa when they go over bud­get we get high­er tax­es to pay.
     Now your prob­a­bly won­der­ing who is respon­si­ble for all this? In case you slept in His­to­ry class the Con­gress and Pres­i­dent are respon­si­ble for mak­ing, writ­ing, and approv­ing these tax laws. Sounds like a piece of cake when you write it and approve almost like mak­ing your own test and grad­ing it.Inter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice (irs) has the job of enforc­ing the law and make sure peo­ple are com­ply­ing with these laws. Issu­ing your tax refund, pro­cess­ing your tax refund and look­ing over them which I believe then they hand it over to the Trea­sury. The Trea­sury has the fun of pay­ing gov­ern­ment expens­es. When you owe gov­ern­ment things such as stu­dent loans, park­ing tick­ets , and you don’t receive all or a por­tion of your state refund that’s prob­a­bly where it went and who grabbed it from you.
   Hope­ful­ly you all have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the whole income tax and why its tak­en out, spe­cial­ly the peo­ple who are going to be or who has just  filed tax­es for the first time.Congrats!


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