Donald TRUMP

                DONALD TRUMP           

             Have you seen the news on CNN ?
It’s crazy how peo­ple are just now see­ing this guy for who he is. I per­son­al­ly believe he came in to run for office with an agen­da. Trump is a busi­ness man. I solute him 100 per­cent on his busi­ness mind­set. I am a firm believ­er mon­ey is the root of all evil and Trumps motive is mon­ey.
     The way he respond­ed to ques­tions in the media, his mind­less out­burst to jour­nal­ist was no way shape or form how any real human con­duct them­selves after the age of three. 
     Trump’s polit­i­cal posi­tions, and his descrip­tions of his beliefs, let’s just say change more often then I do before leav­ing the house. He has shown to be so much of a con­tra­dic­tion through out his elec­tion cam­paigns as well as in office. 
TRUMP GOES TO THE MIDDLE EAST TO STRIKE A DEAL. As I scratch the hell out of my head, think­ing wasn’t he say­ing he has evi­dence they were behind 9/11. This man is crazy and all over the place.He is  pop­ulist author­i­tar­i­an big­ot he favors the  for­tu­nate yes I mean the rich and he believes his is , so to speak life and every­one is below him. 
       He is caus­ing a tan­gled web ques­tions about the for­eign pol­i­cy of the Unit­ed States—about its exter­nal pur­pos­es, its inter­nal cohe­sion, and then wants to know its chances of suc­cess some­thing we don’t know or can be answered right off the back. . Yet to under­stand a moment as strange as this, we need to untan­gle what has hap­pened before it’s to late. 
     Angela Merkel Is con­fused as hell right now why he would be the only per­son not sup­port­ing the Paris cli­mate treaty. Which sup­pos­ed­ly he is sup­pose to with­draw hmm I won­der why. Noth­ing to do with the envi­ron­ment but I’m sure that look what he did for Amer­i­ca smh.   
   Just like I tell my chil­dren and every­one else 

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