Student Financial Aid and Assistance


      It is now the end of MAY if you are a grad­u­ate (Con­grats class of 2017) or return­ing to school you should have turned in fas­fa and have received doc­u­ments back. If any­thing you should have received your finan­cial aid award let­ters. These let­ters are to inform you of the dif­fer­ent amounts of aid you qual­i­fy for, such as the atten­dance cost, room and board and I  what they expect your fam­i­ly to help you out with. Yes these num­bers are super excit­ing to see but don’t jump right into it, I know I know you are ready to leave and par­ty like the rock star you always want­ed to be. Become the young adults your par­ents have been scold­ing, mold­ing and shap­ing you to be. I would sug­gest you wait until you have heard from all of the schools and see what fits you and your family’s bud­get. 

         While over the sum­mer or the course of the months, since you have sub­mit­ted your FASFA, things may have changed. If at all finan­cial­ly DONT FORGET TO INFORM FINANCIAL AID ADMINISTRATOR OF A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. Send a let­ter and it doesn’t have to be lengthy at all of the cir­cum­stance and if you can send in some paper work to prove or to let them see what you are inform­ing them of. Trust it will expe­dite the process for you.
        Anoth­er thing make sure you keep copies of the things you send to them as well. That’s every­thing not only the changes that has been made. If you are trans­fer­ring or return­ing to school make sure you have the school you are leaving/have left sends over all the nec­es­sary doc­u­ments to your new school. Even if you are blessed enough to not need the FASFA.


       Now before school starts will be a good time to do stu­dent loans and par­ent loans. Below are some links to a few with descrip­tion. I can assist if you need help, or FASFA sent you ver­i­fi­ca­tion of eli­gi­bil­i­ty you need which they want to see w2 and tax doc­u­ments. I can also assist and stir you in the right direc­tion to get these forms if you or par­ents don’t have access to these any more.

Sub­si­dized Stafford Loan
Perkins Loan
Unsub­si­dized Stafford Loan
Sal­lie mae


      It’s a ton out there, bad cred­it, cosign­er, no cosign­er, com­mu­ni­ty col­lege. I have tons of info on schol­ar­ships if I can be of any assis­tance let me know . The best thing to do is to go to a web­site like and let them ask you ques­tions and see what you qual­i­fy for. I’m sure your school has let you know it’s just about a schol­ar­ship for every­thing, as well as how to apply and how to win schol­ar­ships if not I have slight clue or some help­ful sources. Email tashas­ and I will be more than hap­py to send over or assist with info.  Don’t for­get to ask for rec­om­men­da­tion let­ters. As well as send­ing a thank your let­ter. An accom­plish­ment resume is always a good look too. Once again con­grats and make col­lege the best grow­ing expe­ri­ence ever.

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