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      It is now the end of MAY if you are a graduate (Congrats class of 2017) or returning to school you should have turned in fasfa and have received documents back. If anything you should have received your financial aid award letters. These letters are to inform you of the different amounts of aid you qualify for, such as the attendance cost, room and board and I  what they expect your family to help you out with. Yes these numbers are super exciting to see but don’t jump right into it, I know I know you are ready to leave and party like the rock star you always wanted to be. Become the young adults your parents have been scolding, molding and shaping you to be. I would suggest you wait until you have heard from all of the schools and see what fits you and your family’s budget. 

         While over the summer or the course of the months, since you have submitted your FASFA, things may have changed. If at all financially DONT FORGET TO INFORM FINANCIAL AID ADMINISTRATOR OF A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. Send a letter and it doesn’t have to be lengthy at all of the circumstance and if you can send in some paper work to prove or to let them see what you are informing them of. Trust it will expedite the process for you.
        Another thing make sure you keep copies of the things you send to them as well. That’s everything not only the changes that has been made. If you are transferring or returning to school make sure you have the school you are leaving/have left sends over all the necessary documents to your new school. Even if you are blessed enough to not need the FASFA.


       Now before school starts will be a good time to do student loans and parent loans. Below are some links to a few with description. I can assist if you need help, or FASFA sent you verification of eligibility you need which they want to see w2 and tax documents. I can also assist and stir you in the right direction to get these forms if you or parents don’t have access to these any more.

Subsidized Stafford Loan
Perkins Loan
Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
Sallie mae


      It’s a ton out there, bad credit, cosigner, no cosigner, community college. I have tons of info on scholarships if I can be of any assistance let me know . The best thing to do is to go to a website like and let them ask you questions and see what you qualify for. I’m sure your school has let you know it’s just about a scholarship for everything, as well as how to apply and how to win scholarships if not I have slight clue or some helpful sources. Email and I will be more than happy to send over or assist with info.  Don’t forget to ask for recommendation letters. As well as sending a thank your letter. An accomplishment resume is always a good look too. Once again congrats and make college the best growing experience ever.


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