Did the Irs Call You ??


      I just got a call, it was a auto­mat­ed phone call stat­ing  the police author­i­ties were going to get me in 24 hours if I don’t con­tact them back or get what­ev­er issue solved. THE IRS DOESNT CALL PEOPLE AND DEMAND ANYTHING . So I just sat there and lis­tened I got the num­ber in case you may have received a call or in case you do 865–299-7097 . In case you did call back and it seems a lit­tle legit or to pro­fes­sion­al to not be real. I had a co-work­er call them back before and they had like a whole set up, placed her on hold to speak to the man­ag­er , once she said lawyer or some­thing they hung up. PLEASE DONT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT.
   If the irs does come your door, they should have two pieces of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and you can ask to see it. They must show it to you and if not I per­son­al­ly wouldn’t talk to them or enter­tain who­ev­er. A audit per­son may call and that is  only to set up a appoint­ment. click here to see what iris may do and oth­er scams.  Don’t share your iden­ti­ty because you are scared and don’t give per­son­al info to some­one you have no idea who they are

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