Guess who won’t have to wait on hold for so long, to speak with an IRS agent. Yes, a major­i­ty of tax­pay­ers who are knowl­edge­able enough to use the com­put­er. Maybe you owe back tax­es and want to check a bal­ance.

    The IRS is now mak­ing it so your online account is able to pro­vide you with an expand­ed net­work to pro­vide you with more ser­vices. 
   Ok maybe before you could see your bal­ance online, now you can see up to 18 months of his­to­ry. Pay off tax bal­ances, get your tran­scripts that’s one I know I’m going to love. Click here and make an account and see all they have to offer.  Have your phone. Next, to you ensure it’s a two-step secu­ri­ty log in !!

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