Scalise in critical condition and sf UPS SHOOTING



   This morning  gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, members of his security detail, a congressional staffer, and a lobbyist in a violent scene that has shaken Washington. Later news reports of a 66 year old in custody see the full report 
Also a shooting in San Francisco today at a ups store, which was a employee. After shooting victims shot himself as well . This is a crazy world hold your babies tight and always tell the people you love you love them . You can see that full report at 


  • pallav34 on

    People are really crazy killing each other. very good post


  • manj maco on

    Good post to bring notice to this.


  • wamiqa sheno on

    Government should take required measures. Nice post.


  • kiara on

    People doesn't value life these days. Your point of view is good.


  • ananyakit on

    Killing others and then kill oneself. Strange people. Anyway, good post ma'am.


  • wanderer ammu on

    I wonder when people will understand that they wont get anything doing such crazy stuff affecting common people. Thanks for including such posts in your blog.


  • mehror maya on

    Don't know what is going to happen next. Cant believe anyone. This is a good awareness post.


  • ganga4u on

    Human beings are becoming less human now. Wars! Fights! Bombs! Suicidal attack.! Everywhere, there is violence. Crazy world, crazy people.


  • Abhirami on

    @ganga4u I agree with what you said. People are becoming less human, more crazy. Will do anything to gain attention. Killing each other, killing oneself, what pleasure do they get? No one knows. You posts are very catchy with respect to current issues. Include more such posts. Very good one


  • Amritha Gangadharan on

    Strict actions are not only needed for protection from these people, we should be always alert of such things happening. Your blog does a great job.


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