Many taxpayers have filed a extension on their taxes, extending the time they have to file, by six months. That deadline is slowly approaching this is the month OCT. to get those taxes in to the irs and state officials. If you happen to be a person like myself, where if it wasn’t for the last minute you wouldn’t get anything done, don’t panic. Ill remind you of somethings you should attach with the tax return.

In most cas­es you were prob­a­bly wait­ing on doc­u­ments that you haven’t received yet.Some of those late arrival papers maybe

  • mort­gage inter­est
  • dona­tions to char­i­ties
  • stu­dent loan inter­est
  • tuition (1098t)
  • sales tax
  • med­ical expens­es
  • don’t for­get if you are allowed to take your earned income cred­it to claim it on your tax­es