I just got a call, it was a automated phone call stating  the police authorities were going to get me in 24 hours if I don’t contact them back or get whatever issue solved. THE IRS DOESNT CALL PEOPLE AND DEMAND ANYTHING . So I just sat there and listened I got the number in case you may have received a call or in case you do 865-299-7097 . In case you did call back and it seems a little legit or to professional to not be real. I had a co-worker call them back before and they had like a whole set up, placed her on hold to speak to the manager , once she said lawyer or something they hung up. PLEASE DONT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT.
   If the irs does come your door, they should have two pieces of identification and you can ask to see it. They must show it to you and if not I personally wouldn’t talk to them or entertain whoever. A audit person may call and that is  only to set up a appointment. click here to see what iris may do and other scams.  Don’t share your identity because you are scared and don’t give personal info to someone you have no idea who they are

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