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Do you have a ITIN ? Do you need to renew it?

Last year was the first year the IRS had indi­vid­u­als with an itin renew. If your itin hasn’t been used in the past 3 years or the dig­its where cer­tain num­bers in the mid­dle you had to renew. 
   This can be a tedious process if you don’t have all the doc­u­ments you have to turn in. IRS is accept­ing renewals now. It would be real­ly smart to start the process or seek the help you need to do so. Once it’s tax time u will want to have it done so you can file your tax­es. 
  Once tax time approach­es get­ting renewals in and think­ing your tax refund will be refund­ed to you in a time­ly man­ner is not idea and prob­a­bly won’t be looked at for awhile. 
If your ITIN has the mid­dle dig­its of 70,71,72 or 80 it’s time for renew­al.  You may also do the renewals for mid­dle num­bers 78 and 79 which are already expired. Yes, these still need to be done if you have filed a return in the past three years.
    IRS will send you a let­ter if you need to renew. The entire fam­i­ly has the option to renew, even if their itin hasn’t expired yet. I think that’s pret­ty cool to get it out the way. Fol­low the instruc­tions on the form. If it’s to com­pli­cat­ed con­tact your local tax office to receive some help. W7 is the form you will need to com­plete the process.