MOST OF THE TAX BILL CHANGES DON’T TAKE PLACE UNTIL 2018 HERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU CAN DO because ordinary income tax rates should be lower next year and many expenses will either no longer be deductible or will be less valuable in light of higher standard deductions in 2018. So may want to try a few of these 


1. Delay year-end bonuses or other compensation. Many employees cannot control the timing of compensation, but it never hurts to ask. Where shifting income from 2017 to 2018 is possible, lower marginal tax rates should apply in 2018.
2. Maximize retirement deferrals. Be sure to fully fund your 401(k) and/or IRA to further reduce gross income for 2017. We’ll discuss during tax season fully funding 2017 SEPs and other retirement accounts that can be funded up to April 15.
3. Business owners and consultants should delay billing. It isn’t proper to simply delay depositing checks received before year-end, but you generally won’t be paid for amounts you haven’t billed. Shift that mid- to late-December billing out until January 1.
4. Prepay state income tax. This deduction will be eliminated beginning in 2018, so pay the fourth quarter estimate that is dated January 2018 by December 31, 2017. This strategy, however, requires that you know your status regarding alternative minimum tax (AMT). If you will be subject to AMT in 2017, it is likely that prepaying your state taxes will not reduce your 2017 taxes. In that case, with no benefit in either year, it makes better financial sense to make the payment later.
5. Prepay property taxes. The deduction for property taxes is likely to be limited to $10,000 beginning in 2018. To the extent that you already have an assessment that isn’t due until after the first of next year, pay it by December 31. For taxpayers with high property tax bills and other large deductions such as mortgage interest and contributions, accelerating the 2018 property tax payment into 2017 may save a deduction due to disappear next year. Mid-range taxpayers may need a projection to see if this makes sense. And here again, the strategy won’t work for those in AMT in 2017.


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