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                                  WHO YA GONNA CALL!
  • Oba­ma health care enroll­ment -1800 508‑6754
  • Social Secu­ri­ty- 1 800–772-1213
  • Unem­ploy­ment Ca- 1800–300-5616
  • Fran­chise Tax Board-800–852-5711
  • Fideli­ty Invest­ment -1 800–343-3548
  • Cal­i­for­nia State Board of Equal­iza­tion-1–800-400‑7115
  • Report Tax Eva­sion -1–888-334‑3300

Top 7 useful Tax Telephone numbers

                   LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TIME                  

      I know we all hate being on hold for for­ev­er, at least i do. I hate wait­ing for­ev­er and then some way some how i get dis­con­nect­ed. I seri­ous­ly hate it when im talk­ing to a rep­re­sen­ta­tive and then i get dis­con­nects. Not just with the IRS in  gen­er­al. I hate when they don’t call back yet you had to do all of that ver­i­fy­ing iden­ti­ty before you could tell them why u were call­ing. Mov­ing along i hope these num­bers get you to a live per­son soon­er then lat­er or in my world before my phone dies . 

Refund Hot­line
(800) 829‑1954

(800) 829–447

Talk To a Live Per­son
(800) 829‑0582 Ext. 652

 Tax Help Line(800) 829‑1040  l for human? press 1 for Eng­lish, then 0, 0 again
    FMS Trea­sury Off­set Pro­gram Refund Off­sets to oth­er debts 800–304-310
     Health Cov­er­age Tax Cred­it 866–628-4282
    Refund Hot­line (Need SSN, fil­ing status,amount ) 800–829-4477 or 
    on-line Refund Infor­ma­tion (use Tele­tax FIRST ) 800–829-1954 
    Trea­sury Off­set Pro­gram refund off­sets to oth­er debts 800–304-3107